A SuperPoke! Pets Lite Habitat file (SPP Lite Habitat file) is a type of file that can be opened and displayed using the SuperPoke! Pets Lite app. It can be edited (redecorated) using the Habi Makeover app. You can download an SPP Lite Habitat from your home page. You can also trade SPP Lite Habitat files with your friends by emailing them or by uploading them to some kind of file sharing site. The file contains your current habitat, your pet, and all of the items currently in your habitat.

To get an SPP Lite Habitat file onto your computer from your home page, you click on the download icon just below your habitat:


SPP Lite Habitat files are normally saved with a .spp filename extension (sometimes, Windows hides filename extensions, but you can stop Windows from hiding filename extensions). If your browser ask whether to open or save the file, you must choose to save the file, or else it will soon be erased.

An SPP Lite Habitat file normally opens in SPP Lite when you double-click the file on your computer. You can also use Habi Makeover to open the file and make changes to it.

Differences from a snapshotEdit

At first an SPP Lite Habitat may just look like a snapshot of your decorating efforts, but there is more to it than that.

  • You can click one of the four caretaking actions and watch your pet eat, laugh when it's tickled, get washed, or play. You don't get points or coins, but you can still watch the animations.
  • Your pet will dance around, as it usually does. Any animated items will move as they usually do.
  • Any item with sounds will make those sounds.
  • Any items that do things when you click on them will do those actions or make those sounds.
  • In addition, the downloaded habitat contains all the individual items. With the proper software, these items can be removed, added, moved around, etc. Habi Makeover is beginning to make all of that capability available.