SuperPoke! Pets, often known as SPP, was a game introduced by Slide, Inc. in 2008. The game was retired by Google, the new owner of Slide, on March 6, 2012.


The game originally let players adopt a pet and do caretaking actions, as well as visiting friends pets for playdates. Over the course of its history, many other features were added, including different habitats, over 18,000 items for decorating, and ability to grow gardens, among many others. Coin items could be purchased using coins earned through game play and there were also gold items that could be purchased for cash.

Although Slide was acquired by Google in early August of 2010, Slide continued to develop the game until May, 2010, when they announced the end of new development and the end of new items for the game. The last batch of items was released on July 1, 2010.

A change in Google's corporate direction in late August, 2011, resulted in a surprise announcement that the Slide team would be reallocated to other areas of Google and that nearly all of Slide's products, including SuperPoke! Pets would be discontinued. The SPP team asked for and got a six-month transition period in which to gradually wind down the operations and move the players to other sites. This six-month time period also allowed players to download the artwork and items they had accumulated during the course of the game.