A stateful item, in SuperPoke! Pets, is a single item that appears in various forms. Examples include growable and trainable items, as well as evolving items, which change over time.

Other examples include some Christmas gift items released in 2010 which could not be opened until Christmas and once opened produced one of three different gifts. The wrapped gift and the various opened gifts that came out of it are all different states of a single item.

Another example is the Valentine Candy Hearts released for Valentines Day in 2011. There were four different colours and different letters, phrases and symbols on the hearts, but all of these variations are different states of a single item.

Day-to-Night items are another type of stateful item. They are different from the others in that they change automatically from a daytime version to a nighttime version at 7 am and 7 pm based on the viewers local time. The other stateful items normally only change in one direction and never change back to a previous state.