Using the Profile Designer on your profile page on the HMO Community site.

Opening the Profile DesignerEdit

Log on to

Select the "MY Profile" tab to go to your profile page, and then select "Open Profile Designer"...



The following will open at the top of your profile page:... DefaultProfileEdit-1



To change colours on your page select "Colors" ProfileEditor-3

The default color settings and the parts of the screen they apply to:


To change a color click on the one you wish to change and move your mouse around on the selection to find your desired color:


When satisfied with your colors be sure to select "Save Changes".

Advanced Profile Editor - Background patternsEdit

To add a background pattern or picture select "Advanced" from the profile designer menu:


Advanced Profile Editor:Edit


If the picture or pattern that you want to use is from or a similar image hosting site, right click on the image and select "copy image url" or "copy link address".

Where can I find background patterns or pictures?Edit

There are lots of sites that have suitable graphics available. A web search for "myspace 3.0 layouts" will locate some of the ones that are easiest to use. If you are using backgrounds designed for previous versions of MySpace you will have to copy just the background link from among all of the other code.

If you want to use something from your photo album, you need to get the URL. Go to your album and click on the picture you want to post. Once you see it full-sized, right click and get the URL. In Chrome, this is labelled "Copy image URL" and in Firefox, it's called "Copy Image Location". Paste this URL into the Profile Designer.

There are so many complicated looking codes on these background page sites. How can I find the code I need? Nothing seems to work.Edit

Very often, you only need part of the code. The part you need starts with http:// and ends with .gif of .jpg or .png. Do not include quotation marks at the beginning or end of the line of code. Generally there are 2 types of code statements that you will see

- Begins with <style ....>body - .... - copy only the (or png or gif) it will immediately follow url(

- Begins with <a href=""http://XXX/ - in the code using this statement often you do not want the first http:// address or link, look for the tag <img src="http://