Old Accessories are a type of sticky item, items that are attached to your Pet in SuperPoke! Pets. Old Accessories are mainly hats and hairstyles, although certain items that attach to the face or back of your pet also exist. These items were designed for the Classic-style pets and many of them do not work well with new-style pets. It was often difficult to get items like these to look right on the Classic-style pets, since these pets differ greatly in size and shape, especially the frog and the chicken.

With the introduction of new-style pets in December, 2010, Old Accessories were largely replaced by a new category called Clothing. Clothing items are much more versatile and can be attached to more places on new-style pets. People who already had Old Accessories (some of them expensive) wanted to continue using them with the new-style pets, but there were problems with numerous items. Some the the old items were adjusted specially to fit the new-style pets, but this was done on a case by case basis and not all Old Accessories were accomodated.

Old Accessories in SPP Lite

With the introduction of SPP Lite, the problem became more serious since SPP Lite could not accomodate all of the various Old Accessories. In the first version of SPP Lite (1.01), many Old Accessories appeared to be stretched vertically and hats covered the entire face of the pet. An attempt to correct this was made in version 1.02 of SPP Lite, and the problem items looked better, but other items now appeared compressed vertically with the result that many hats and hairpieces appeared distorted and seemed to float above the head of the pet.


New-style pet in SPP Lite 1.01


Classic pet in SPP Lite 1.01

One workaround for the problems in SPP Lite is to switch to a Classic-style pet in Habi Makeover. Old Accessories should look normal on Classic-style pets. A shortcoming of this workaround is that Classic-style pets cannot wear any of the items in the Clothing category, so Clothing items will not appear if the new-style pet is switched to a Classic-style one.

There is also a bug in which Old Accessories on Classic-style pets sometimes do not appear in SPP Lite when a new habitat is loaded without closing the SPP Lite app. The accessories are there but cannot be seen. Every time changes are made in Habi Makeover, the SPP Lite is refreshed and Old Accessories may seem to disappear. Closing the SPP Lite app and reloading it by typing ctrl-R on Windows computers or command-R on Mac OS X will show that the accessories are still there.

Old Accessories in Habi Makeover

In Habi Makeover, Old Accessories files are normally stored in the Inventory/Old Accessories folder of the My Habitats folder.