You can put some of your favourite music files on your profile page on the HMO Community site.

On your Profile page, you will see "Add New..." about 1/2 way down the page on the left side of your screen. Click the Music box.

You will be directed to a "Upload Music" screen.

Click "Choose File" (you need to have some of your favorite .mp3 files are on your computer)

If you do not know where they are located type ".mp3" in the search window - this may take some time. Click the music you would like to add and click "OK".

Click "Upload" (A Uploading #% on the bottom left side of your screen.)

If you decide you don't like or don't want a song anymore click the "View All" at the bottom of your music file box.

Select the "Delete" box.

Click "Submit"

Ta Da!