(Habi Makeover) An application program you can install on your computer

HMO Community

A website for sharing your HMO creations


Getting a file from another computer to your computer over the Internet


Putting a file from your computer to another computer over the Internet


Copying the items from your downloaded habitat files to an inventory folder on your computer

Essentially, HMO is a downloadable version of the SPP decorating functions. You need to install it on your computer, get some items onto your computer, and them you can decorate on your computer. Once you have a habitat decorated you will be able to put a snapshot of it on the Community site and you will probably be able to put a "live" SPP Lite Habitat onto your Community profile page in a few weeks from now.

Files tab on HMO CommunityEdit

The Files area is mostly used for sharing files with other Community members. It currently has over 3,000 files contributed by members. You can download any of these file, many of which contain many gold and rare items, and add the items in them to the inventory on your computer. To access the Files tab, you must have a Premium Membership which requires a donation of $5.00 or more for a one-month period.