Google Chrome is different from most other browsers, because Flash is built in and optimized and that makes Chrome the best for a site like SPP that heavily depends on Flash. Other browsers use a separate plug-in or add-on to view Flash content and are typically not as efficient.

Auotmatic updatingEdit

Many users of Chrome disabled automatic updating of Chrome during the last few months of SPP, when an update made Chrome incompatible with a certain coding error on the side.

To make sure Google Chrome is set to update automatically do the following. Click the wrench in the upper right corner, click settings, on the left click Under the Hood, at the top click content settings, go down to plug-ins, click disable individual plugins, go down until you see GOOGLE UPDATE - VERSION and make sure this option is enabled. If it is ENABLED the word DISABLE will be in BLUE. Click the box beside the word ALLOW and you are all set for automatic updates for Google.