Classic-style pets were the original style of pets available in the SuperPoke! Pets game. They started out as a young version, but as the player played they eventually grew up and assumed a normal size.

There were two problems with the Classic-style pets which led to them eventually being replaced by new-style pets. One was that many players preferred the baby form of the pets, since some people thought they seemed cuter, so these players were constantly exchanging their grown-up pets for the young version. The other more major problem was that the differing shapes and sizes of the Classic-style pets made it difficult to fit hats or other clothing on them.

The introduction of new-style pets in December, 2010, appeared to solve these two problems by replacing the pets with new ones somewhere between the Classic young and old versions in size, but all with a permanent young look. The various new pets all had their own looks but the body parts of each pet were similar to those of the other pets, making it possible to introduce a wider variety of Clothing items with a better fit.

Many players were not happy with the changes, since they had grown very attached to their Classic-style pet and didn't want it taken away. The change was optional, but some players accidentally upgraded to the new style and then became very unhappy since the change was irreversible. With the pet exchange function of Habi Makeover, it is possible to swtich back and forth between the young Classic-style pet, regular Classic-style pet, and new-style pet at any time.