4shared is a file sharing service. It offers both paid and unpaid file sharing. It is located at

Downloading free at 4sharedEdit

4shared would like to sell you services, so they have made it more difficult to download files for free. It involves four steps and a time delay before the download is available.

  1. The first step is to click the blue "Download Now" button below the name of the file you are downloading.4shared1
  2. Next, you are presented with the option of a "premium download" or a "regular download." If you want to download for free, click on the "Slow download" button. Even though it is ghosted, you can still click it.4shared2
  3. The third step is to wait 20 seconds. A countdown timer will appear.4shared3
  4. When the 20 second timer reaches zero, a download link will appear.4shared4
  5. You can now click on "Download file now" to download in the regular way.